About Me

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25  Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me
  1. I have a degree in Cardio Pulmonary Technology 
  2. My dream job would be an art teacher 
  3. I love to travel (maybe you knew that)
  4. Have never been on an airplane
  5. Get motion sickness
  6. Love finger painting as much as the kids in my class
  7. Not a fan of reptiles 
  8. Gets sea sick but really wants to go deep sea fishing and catch the big one.
  9. Lives in small town -ville Florida 
  10. Loves the no traffic in small town -ville but would love some of big city life to make its way here! 
  11. Not a fan of crowds and lines
  12. Is a Pinterest addict (maybe you knew that too)
  13. A lover of chocolate and all things sweet
  14. Thinks key lime pie may have been made in heaven first. 
  15. Just moved fall 2013 and am looking forward to fixing it all up! Whoop for DIY projects.
  16. Desperately needs to find a solution for craft organization.
  17. Loses at least one thing daily but it is not "really" lost just misplaced.
  18. Excited about Discovering all life has for me in 2015.
  19. A sports fan (not really) but since I have my boys I've become one heck of a Fan. 
  20. Never was a cheerleader (except when it comes to my kids)
  21. Loves Jimmy Buffet
  22. Is incredibly clumsy and crazy things just seem to happen "My mom says she should have named me Lucy"
  23. Loves food and cooking a little bit to much probably
  24. Diet drink junkie OH...I know
  25. Loves thrift stores and yard sales although I don't get to junk often enough.

Now Here is 25 Things You Probably Did Know:

  1. Believes Cool Whip makes anything better
  2. Has 3 kids - one in college one in high school and one in kindergarten
  3. Menu planner
  4. Loves To Travel did I say that already?
  5. Lives in Florida
  6. Has a lot of crazy I call them "I Love Lucy Moments" 
  7. Loves crafting although things rarely turn out as I imagine them
  8. Reads all of the time and has a YA addiction
  9. Hooked on vampires and werewolves (Twilight heck Yeah)
  10. Believes Gone With The Wind should be required reading at some point (love me some Scarlett and Rhett)
  11. Don't watch tons of TV but love my stories (General Hospital, Young and The Restless)
  12. Totally a romantic at heart my parents have been married 40 happy years how could I not be.
  13. Gets the laundry done but forgets to put it away 
  14. Loves photography ~ Canon girl
  15. McDonald's Sweet  Tea need I say more?
  16. Favorite type of exercise (um no favorites here but I know I need it).  Walking, jogging,  Zumba, Swimming
  17. Sunshine or Snow?  Sunshine 
  18. Rainy days...only for napping.  More than one in a row and I get glum. 
  19. The beach is my "peace" place I could sit on the beach forever. 
  20. Flip Flops 99.9% of the time 
  21. Divorced and shocked to say LOVING the single life.
  22. jeans and t-shirt when I can
  23. doesn't have a favorite song or movie am I in trouble? 
  24. Big fan of the crock pot
  25. LOVES being a Mom more than anything!

Thanks for taking the time to learn a bit about me.  I Hope you will come back often and stay connected.  I would  love to learn more about you so please do leave a comment or share .